Gustave Flaubert

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A literary journey in Rouen

Wander through the city in Flaubert’s footprints

The Literary Hotel Gustave Flaubert, is located in the centre of Rouen and allows easy access to the major spots on a passionate Flaubert pilgrimage. His father was the chief surgeon at the old hôtel-Dieu hospital, and Flaubert was born in the wing which is now the Flaubert and history of medicine museum. The visitor can go to the Notre-Dame cathedral which inspired Flaubert when writing Madame Bovary, La Légende de saint Julien l’Hospitalier and Hérodias, and admire the statue of the writer in place des Carmes. After a visit to the Corneille secondary school, the former Collège Royal where Flaubert spent all of his school years, the visitor can pay their respects to a stuffed Loulou, the parrot, hero from Un cœur simple, at the Natural History museum. Not to be forgotten, of course, Flaubert’s estate with the Croisset pavilion in Canteleu, last remaining vestige of the place where he lived and wrote his works.

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